Springtime Mazatlan Vacation

We just got back from a wonderful springtime Mazatlan vacation.

Most folks visit Mexico in the winter months, which usually range from November to Easter (April).  Really, Mexico is a great vacation destination just about all year round! However, after Easter, it quiets down quite a bit, and you do not see many foreigners on the beaches. I think that’s just crazy! And, let me tell you why.

Springtime in Mexico it great. I think is great because it is just starting to get a little bit warmer, and that means, so is the ocean! I really love to swim out in the waves, and its a lot more fun when the water temperatures are warm enough to be comfortable in, and still cool you down from the beach. Its also not as chilly in the evenings. You don’t need a jacket for an evening stroll on the beach after a good Mexican meal.
Another great thing about springtime in Mexico are the flowers. There are so many amazing bright beautiful and tropical looking flowers in Mexico. It is color everywhere you turn, and makes all of your senses come alive.
One more really wonderful thing about springtime in Mexico is that the hotel and condo rates are really discounted, which makes a 5 star vacation really affordable. Anything after Easter is considered the “off season”.

We stayed in Mazatlan, in a condo style set-up in one of the towers right on the beach…the 26th floor to be exact. All of the outside walls were windows. It was really incredible! The views of Mazatlan’s city lights and beaches in one direction, and the beaches and the sunset in the other. In the evenings you could see the other hotels doing their fireworks. We were up so high that we were looking down upon them. What fun, and it was also very romantic!

Walking downtown for the super cheap really delicious tacos of all kinds is a tradition for us, washing it down with a beer, and shopping along the way for fun clothes, rugs and other stuff.  Its fun to bargain with the locals.

Like I stated earlier, a Mexico vacation is great just about all year, but if its cold and rainy at your house in the spring, you may want to consider an in-expensive  Mazatlan Mexico vacation! And, practically have the place to yourself! We did!

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  1. Cristi says:

    I agree, Mexico is good place all year round, despite many people prefers the Winter season, because they are runing away from the cold . But in the case of cancun,. All those potos in magazines, the televisión commercias, that make your heart melt, I assure you they were taked after easter.

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