Sayulita Mexico Vacation

Would you like to go an a great Mexico vacation?

About 45 minutes north of the Puerta Vallarta airport in Nayarit, Mexico, you will find a small town called Sayulita.
When you drive into Sayulita, you might as well park and walk around. Sayulita is large enough to stay at without getting bored, yet small enough to walk everywhere you need to go.

Sayulita has a lovely cultural blend, offering a wide variety of shops and great restaurants and coffee houses, as well as amazing beaches and jungle adventures. The night life here in Sayulita has a lot to offer as well, with a variety of music in the bars and on the streets. This town carries a creative and quite artistic feeling that leaves you smiling and feeling good inside.
As you walk on the cobblestone streets, it has that old time Mexico flavor to it that you just do not get at the bigger vacation resorts. The reason for this is because the people that live here are continuing to live that way. There are lots of art shops with amazing artists showing of their own personal work. There are also many vendors showing off their wares in carts on the street. And, of course, everything is negotiable.
Sayulita is becoming a more popular destination with tourists in America and Canada that are seeking a beautiful beach and night life vacation that still has an authentic Mexican feel.

Sayulita also has RV parks, camping, condos and hotels that will suit your needs.
One of my favorite things to check out in Sayulita is the tide pools at low time. There are so many amazing creatures there to discover!

Come visit Sayulita on your next Mexico vacation, and you will have one of the best vacations you have ever had!

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