San Pancho Mexico Endures 100 Year Flood

The cultural center of the Riviera Nayarit is San Francisco Mexico, also known affectionately by the locals as San Pancho.

La Parota Tree Roots After 100 Year Flood

The summer rains of 2010 brought flood levels to their 100 year mark, fording a new channel to the ocean and causing a fork at the rivers mouth, creating a large new estuary.

A year later, we see the remnants of the flood as we enter the beach from the town square, where roots of a large Parota Tree are all that is left of the damage caused by the flooding.

The town has a new bridge, since the old one got washed out, and a new main street that is concrete, instead of the more often used cobblestones that beat your vehicle to death.

So, if you want to come on Vacation to Mexico and are looking to so something different, consider visiting San Francisco (aka San Pancho) just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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