Northern West Coast

The Northern West Coast of mainland Mexico has lots pf places to camp, and plenty of fish to catch in the Sea of Cortez.  On our trip down to Mazatlan as our first leg of the trip to meet Allie for springs break, we stayed at the following camp grounds:

Then it was out of the camper and into the condo at El Cid, our favorite Mazatlan Resort. Once spring break was over, we headed south again, but only about 200 clicks to Teacapan, where we stayed at:

We left Teacapan on Tuesday, and headed south towards the Riviera Nayarit, with intentions to meet up with a couple we had met at ONAC  in Lo de Marcos. After the day from hell (Cat lost the right hand mirrors passing a post), we rolled into town as the last candle power went from the sky. There are plenty or parks in Lo de MArcos, we had intentions of staying at one, ended up in a second, and moved to a third the next day, where we have been ever since.

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