Puerto Vallarta Forum Forums Review – Why the PV Scene Sucks

Are you thinking about moving or visiting Puerto Vallarta? Maybe you have Googled the terms: Puerto Vallarta Forum or Puerto Vallarta Forums, and are disappointed in what comes up?

Who Owns the Mexico Forums?

Does the person running the forums disclose who they are, and where their affiliations lie? There are many many Internet hucksters down here selling ad space for outrageous amounts of money to people too uninformed to know any better. How do you steer clear of them?  I have found many “stand alone” forums under different domains names then the master domain where all the revenue is generated.

This means the forums LOOK to be unbiased, but in fact all they are is farms built by rip off artists who want lots of people to post lots of useful stuff so they rank better in Google. Did they pay for that content? nope – pure free stuff. Did they disclose that the content helps them in their primary business – doubtful, else why would they have separate domain names and everything to keep them separate?

Good Puerto Vallarta Forums

Of course, top on the list for almost any travel search these days is Trip Advisor, which has a huge following and is a great place to get recommendations from others, but the forum is more of a place to post your comments, not have interactive dialog.

Puerto Vallarta Forums Examples

Should you go posting in a PV forum wanting some help, or guidance, this is what you can expect from the PV Scene forums.

I was looking to hire some blog writers for an upcoming Mexico project. So I posted:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Offense
just a quick post to see if there was any interest. This is what forums are for, right?

Well, I get blasted first by one Admin who insisted I must be wanting to rip off all their wonderful content (no, I was sking for someone to write new content):

Puerto Vallarta Forums BashingOf course, after 6 pages of bashing me, this same admin comes back and says maybe she is the writer I am looking for. Sorry honey, you missed the boat!

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Wants Back InMeanwhile, I was fried by some snipey members, with nothing of value to add, only to hurt:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Hurtful WordsTelling me about their judgements, and how I was a con artist:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Con ArtistEven the Admin is telling us they don’t like me, without knowing who I am. At least they tell us what they REALLY THINK of their Trip Advisor Forum as a competitor

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Opinion

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Opinion

Clearly, this forum is owned by someone who is threatened by someone else building a competitive site, or offering to pay their members a fair energy exchange for the value they add to the community.

Unfortunately for them, they have released the copyright to all their wonderful stuff in the forum, so feel free to use it and repurpose it as you see fit! Here is the admin stating (incorrectly) that the Internet has no copyright, and then releasing the copyright to this site (thank you very much!).

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Copyright Release

Here was a newbie to the forums opionion:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - TruthLet me know what you think about this debacle, post your comments below please:

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4 Responses to Puerto Vallarta Forum Forums Review – Why the PV Scene Sucks

  1. Christina says:

    My experience has shown that many of the people posting on the ‘Puerto Vallarta Scene’ forum (North of Vallarta) have been quite vicious for no reason other than their own bias.

    The PV forum is definitely not a place for objective information, and if they don’t like the way you ‘word’ things, they’ll blacklist you and verbally assault you. Seek out other forums in the Riviera Nayarit and Vallarta. Stay away from PV Scene!

  2. Rick Hepting says:

    Since I am the “huckster” referred to in this slander piece, I guess I should respond. My forum has no “affiliations” and we do not sell advertising space at “outrageous prices.” The most I ever made from an ad was 100 pesos a month (less than $10US). I make no profit from this forum. My wife and I are retired and we run it on a very, very low shoestring budget. Nothing is hidden on our forum. It is run on a $4 a month server with free software. Get real…

    Too many lies will spoil any effort to trash a valuable and sometimes controversial public resource like our forum. We run it as a public service to provide a meeting place for expats and tourists and to point out the good and warn of the bad in our location.

    Some of us do react strongly to any con man or woman, such as this self proclaimed “guru” who wrote this hit piece. Cons are easy to spot in a tourist town. There are not many and they certainly do stand out. One indication of the lack of integrity of the writer of this post, besides the large number of lies, is his threat to steal all of the writing on the forum. That this person is afraid to post this on our forum and have it addressed first hand and chooses, instead, to run a distant smear campaign: is another indication.

    I’m a little surprised that this website, Mexico Vacations, would allow blatant libel like this. This does not add to its credibility or value.

  3. Ricardo says:

    I was searching Google for PV forums, and this thread came up. I read it and wondered what the rant was all about. Thanks Rick for posting a link to your site. I went and found the thread here: http://vallartascene.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=17763 and can say that now I have read it, I am wondering why I would want to go to Puerto Vallarta when everyone there seems so nasty.

    Fortunately, I searched Google again for Riviera Nayarit Blog, and the site he wanted writers came up on the first page of results. I see the site is only 10 weeks old, so he must know what he is doing to rank so well in Google so fast, especially this post for forums, when there isn’t even a forum here.

    So the best news is that I have dicovered a whole new side of Mexico on the riviera nayarit and am now planning on going to Sayulita. Thanks all for this little adventure.

  4. Max Bessel says:

    Vallarta Scene is a mean forum, no question. The owner has driven away most of the regulars. But the odd thing is how much they celebrate their meanness. The few remaining regular posters compete to hassle new posters, and revel in the nasty posting by their fellows.

    There is a slim amount of new content there – mostly news stories that the TripAdvisor board won’t allow because it flies counter to the “Everything in PV is perfect” fantasy they like to project. If you want to learn about PV or get info, TripAdvisor is your place. But if you want to learn everything about PV, warts and all, check out Vallarta Scene every month or three (new posts accumulate very slowly).

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