Mazatlan Mexico Vacation Fun

For years during the mid-twentieth century, Hollywood stars, business moguls, and the political elite escaped to Mazatlan Mexico to enjoy the incredible sport fishing and Pacific beaches. At the time Mazatlan was a select getaway for the rich and famous with just a few ultra-exclusive properties and expensive fishing boats, but not much opportunity for average people to enjoy a Mazatlan Mexico vacation.

As so often happens, the rich and famous cannot keep a secret and the word soon spread of this little fishing town, and demand progressively grew. Today the Mazatlan Gold Coast is Mexico’s Pacific jewel.

The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge near Baja California and the mix of temperatures and currents created by this confluence attracts a stunning variety of trophy fish. The waters around Mazatlan are loaded with huge yellow fin tuna, sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi and wahoo. The biggest marlin on record was caught just a few hundred yards off shore. For the more adventurous, many guide services offer trips fishing for one of the many shark species in the area. Large freshwater lakes are very close to Mazatlan and the area has become a popular bass fishing spot.

Any kind of trip to Mazatlan can be improved and accentuated by a stay at one of the four El Cid resorts in Mazatlan. El Cid is a major presence in Mazatlan, and they have created an all-inclusive environment that allows guests to enjoy a diverse tropical getaway right inside Mazatlan’s Golden Zone. Aside from the spectacular views of the Pacific from private balconies, the Castilla Beach resort has expansive beachfront and nearby water sports. The Granada Country Club resort is a golfer’s paradise and features a European style menu. For a more secluded yet still accessible location there is the Marina Beach resort. Marina Beach is right on the marina and features beautiful waterfalls and a private beach. The El Moro Beach resort sits in the heart of the eclectic and fun Golden Zone and is a popular destination for couples.

Remember to take a Vacation in Mazatlan if you Travel to Mexico on Vacation.

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Camping on Beach in RV – Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Cat Morgan and Internet Guru Owen Walcher are living it up in Mexico, camping on the beach in Teacapan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

The cost to stay at the RV park was M$1145 a week, or about US$100. That works out to a bout $17 a day, and includes full hookups, power and use of the lovely pool.Here i a shot of Cat toasting you from her vantage point at the table inside of Bertha, our class-A RV.

Cat Toasting Us as Sun Sets

Cat Toasting Us as Sun Sets

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Driving to Mazatlan Mexico in the RV

Cat Morgan and Internet Guru Owen Walcher are driving to Mexico for a Vacation in Mazatlan. You read that right! There are many people who feed off the fears of others, and when it comes to Mexico, drugs, border and gang violence,you have the perfrct storm for a fear frenzy.

Once you get past the borders, Travel to Mexico on Vacation is quite safe, assuming you follow some basic rules – like no camping along the road way, and don’t drive at night.

We will be starting a section on the blog here soon to cronicle our trip, but until then, come visit out Mexico Vacation blog and see what we are up to!

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Mazatlan Mexico Makes Great Family Vacation Destination

If you are thinking about taking your family on a Mexico Vacation, going on a family vacation to Mazatlan Mexico is the way to go! It is what I would call  a cheap family vacation. Its pretty easy to find a great hotel right on the beach that is kid friendly. You will want to go on-line and look the hotels and at the remarks of others. I find that very beneficial when looking for the places that really do like children and are set up for them. Its a lot of great information. Some of the Mazatlan hotels are all inclusive, which can be great if you have “growing boys”! It does seem like more and more places are going to the all-inclusive payment program.

Staying in a condo is another great way to save on food. The markets have fresh food, and you can try cooking the meal you just ate! Also, things like cereal and toast and other kid friendly foods works well with a kitchen when going on a family vacation.

Going on a family vacation to Mazatlan Mexico is also great because you have lots of restaurants to choose from that won’t be so hard on your wallet! You can really eat like kings and  queens, and always something for the little ones in Mexico……who doesn’t like cheese and beans?

The beauty of Mazatlan is that its not just a tourist town, but a real mexican city of 200,000 people. It also has the largest port in Mexico. So, what this means is that you can get everything that you may need on your family vacation.

Shopping is always fun in Mazatlan Mexico. There are many quality items like rugs and silver….a great place for jewelry and future gifts for your girlfriends…(and the guys too)…and the hats are always fun.  It seems that bartering is the way of life there, and they know it! I think they love the “bartering game” and so they start a with a higher dollar amount. So, have fun  bartering!

And, of course, the wonderful beach is right at your fingertips. You can set up catamaran trips to the surrounding islands.  Deer Island and Stone Island are fun to go kayaking on. Other things to do are deep sea fishing, jet skiing, para-sailing etc. through your hotel, or go to the marina. Its easy to find what you are looking for. Going to Mexico for your family vacation is easy and fun for everyone.

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Spring Break Fever

Let’s take a cheap Mexico vacation this spring, and go to Cancun Mexico to par-tee!

I have the spring fever and spring break itch, because here in Glenwood Springs, it is raining in December and 50 degree Fahrenheit.

Seriously though, folks, spring is just around the corner, and a little planning now can get you great rates all over Mexico come March and April of next year.

Have you considered an all inclusive Mexico vacation before? If you are a big eater, or like to drink, these types of resorts are often the best deal for your money. Pay up front for all your food and beverages at an all inclusive resort, and you can walk around without money or a care in the world. It is a great way to have a relaxing vacation with all your costs known up front.

One of my favorite places for an all inclusive Mexico trip is Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We like to stay at the El Cid Marina, but there are a couple other nice places nearby. This is very much off the beaten path, so don’t go there if you are looking to PAR-TEE!

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All Inclusive Vacation Fun in Mexico

Cat Morgan here to say “Wow”! What a great time we had on our travel vacation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Puerto Morelos is just South of Cancun We decided to try an all inclusive trip this time, and it was well worth it! It was great to be able to eat and drink all we wanted, and not have to worry about tipping or having to carry around cash. (All inclusive vacation packages are really great if you have kids too.)

The reef off of the coast of Puerto Morelos is the second largest reef in the world, and is absolutely beautiful! It was so amazing to be able to snorkel and see so much life! Huge sea fans, conch shells with creatures inside, starfish and so many different colored fish. The snorkeling is done in a life vest, so it is great for everyone! Float and discover the beauty of ocean life.

The reef is protected by the mexican government to keep it from being destroyed by over hunting and scuba divers touching everything.

We also had a great time sailing on a catamaran, and we didn’t need much wind. One of the life guards took us out. It was very safe, and he was quite competent. The water was so clear and you could easily see the marine life below.
Another fun experience that we had was sea kayaking.They had kayaks for one or two persons. We decided to go out on one together. It was great fun. Owen was able to paddle and I hug over the front with my face mask and snorkel on and got a great view of all the wildlife. What a guy!!
And, it was nice that the activities were included in the inclusive vacation package deal.

There are lots of ways to get around, there are many tours to sign up for. We decided to rent a car this time because we wanted to check out different places. One of the places was Tulum.

Tulum was really awesome! It is off by itself, and right on the beach. The Mayan ruins are down the way about 15 minutes. Its a small stretch with everything from 5 star accommodations to non-electric huts (they call them green living) and camping. It is away from all of the hustle and high-rises.
We really liked the energy there.

But, for us, the reason for going on a great mexico vacation is to lay out on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the beautiful blue-green oceans.
Decompressing and relaxing. That’s what it’s all about. Laying out on the beach loungers and beds, being brought drinks and food at your whim, and watching the amazing sunrises.

The prices can vary. There are lots of really cheap last minute deals if you can do that. But lets face it, having a great mexico vacation on the beach is PRICLESS!
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Visiting the Mayan Ruins in Tulum

While we were in Mexico in December of 2010, we drove down to the Tulum area.  There are Mayan ruins of an ancient city built right there on the beach. The cost if MX$51.00 (pesos) or about 50 cents US$ for entry.

Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum Mayan Ruins

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Trip to Pureto Morelos Was Great

Cat and I just got back from a week in Puerto Morelos, on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo.

Here we are about to go sailing!

Cat Morgan and Owen sailing in Mexico

Cat Morgan and Owen Sailing in Mexico

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