Transportation and Travel Items

Getting to Mazatlan is easy.

Mazatlan International Airport

The airport in Mazatlan is international, so you can get direct flights from many cities in the United State and Europe into Mazatlan. Although the airport is small, it has all the services and features of larger international airports.

Mexico Bus System

Mexico has a wonderful bus system that can whisk you from anywhere to anywhere in the country, generally through Mexico City. Locally, there are buses in Mazatlan that can take you from the Golden Zone (where the tourists visit) into Old Mazatlan or the old market square, well worth a visit.

Taxis and Pulmonarias

To get around, you can always walk, or take a taxi cab (About $40 to the airport). Around town, use the open cars built on top of VW bugs, called Pulmonarias. These are fun to ride in, and you get to fell the street right there as you which down the way.

Medical Issues in Mexico

Come to Mexico to get your teeth cleaned, or any type of checkup, for 1/2 or less the same level of service in the USA. Pharmacias carry most types of pharmaceuticals you may need, just don’t go over board!

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