Restaurants and Other Food Choices

We hope you like shrimps!

Mazatlan is Shrimp Capitol of Mexico

Some of the best shrimp inteh world are caught in the sea of Cortex between Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. Make sure you enjoy the local delights, knows affectionately as cameronas,

Street Vendors and Hot Dogs

Mexico loves its hot dogs, and you can’t go more than a block or two in any Mexican town and not see a hot dog vendors pushing his cart around. You can generally get tacos and other traditional Mexican food from these street vendors as well.

Ethnic Restaurants

Any cuisine imaginable is available in Mazatlan, from Brazilian to American, Chines to Argentina, and all points in between. Even May sells her hamburgers and Philly Cheese-steaks on the main tourist drag.

Hotel Food

Most of he top tourist destination have one or more hotel restaurants that are worthy of your time and dollars. Our favorite is the Balboa Club, where we eat breakfast after a walk down the beach. The juice is so fresh, you sometime have to wait for Javier to pick it from the tree.

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