Local Entertainment and Area Activities

So much to see, so many thing to do in Mazatlan!

Activities On The Beach

Mazatlan is a beach town destination, so go to la playa and enjoy yourself. Whether you want to suntan, laof on the beach, play paddle ball, or even sail, there are plenty of activites on the breaqch wherever you go in Mazatlan.

But maybe you want to get wet?

Activities In The Water

Water is half the fun in a beach resort, and Mazatlan offers up plenty of in water activities. Although the snorkeling is not that good, boogie boarding is, and so is kayaking and swimming and riding jet skis and waver runners and even the banana boat.

Other Activities

Fishing is a great activity, that is not really in the water or on the beach. Take the city tour, visit the cliff where the divers jump, and go into the old town square for some great shopping.


Mazatlan has a great night life, and even if you just want a touristy trip, visit Senior Frogs and have a yard or hal of beer, and get your picture taken with the frog.

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