Mazatlan Mexico Vacation Fun

For years during the mid-twentieth century, Hollywood stars, business moguls, and the political elite escaped to Mazatlan Mexico to enjoy the incredible sport fishing and Pacific beaches. At the time Mazatlan was a select getaway for the rich and famous with just a few ultra-exclusive properties and expensive fishing boats, but not much opportunity for average people to enjoy a Mazatlan Mexico vacation.

As so often happens, the rich and famous cannot keep a secret and the word soon spread of this little fishing town, and demand progressively grew. Today the Mazatlan Gold Coast is Mexico’s Pacific jewel.

The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean converge near Baja California and the mix of temperatures and currents created by this confluence attracts a stunning variety of trophy fish. The waters around Mazatlan are loaded with huge yellow fin tuna, sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi and wahoo. The biggest marlin on record was caught just a few hundred yards off shore. For the more adventurous, many guide services offer trips fishing for one of the many shark species in the area. Large freshwater lakes are very close to Mazatlan and the area has become a popular bass fishing spot.

Any kind of trip to Mazatlan can be improved and accentuated by a stay at one of the four El Cid resorts in Mazatlan. El Cid is a major presence in Mazatlan, and they have created an all-inclusive environment that allows guests to enjoy a diverse tropical getaway right inside Mazatlan’s Golden Zone. Aside from the spectacular views of the Pacific from private balconies, the Castilla Beach resort has expansive beachfront and nearby water sports. The Granada Country Club resort is a golfer’s paradise and features a European style menu. For a more secluded yet still accessible location there is the Marina Beach resort. Marina Beach is right on the marina and features beautiful waterfalls and a private beach. The El Moro Beach resort sits in the heart of the eclectic and fun Golden Zone and is a popular destination for couples.

Remember to take a Vacation in Mazatlan if you Travel to Mexico on Vacation.

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