Mazatlan Mexico Makes Great Family Vacation Destination

If you are thinking about taking your family on a Mexico Vacation, going on a family vacation to Mazatlan Mexico is the way to go! It is what I would call  a cheap family vacation. Its pretty easy to find a great hotel right on the beach that is kid friendly. You will want to go on-line and look the hotels and at the remarks of others. I find that very beneficial when looking for the places that really do like children and are set up for them. Its a lot of great information. Some of the Mazatlan hotels are all inclusive, which can be great if you have “growing boys”! It does seem like more and more places are going to the all-inclusive payment program.

Staying in a condo is another great way to save on food. The markets have fresh food, and you can try cooking the meal you just ate! Also, things like cereal and toast and other kid friendly foods works well with a kitchen when going on a family vacation.

Going on a family vacation to Mazatlan Mexico is also great because you have lots of restaurants to choose from that won’t be so hard on your wallet! You can really eat like kings and  queens, and always something for the little ones in Mexico……who doesn’t like cheese and beans?

The beauty of Mazatlan is that its not just a tourist town, but a real mexican city of 200,000 people. It also has the largest port in Mexico. So, what this means is that you can get everything that you may need on your family vacation.

Shopping is always fun in Mazatlan Mexico. There are many quality items like rugs and silver….a great place for jewelry and future gifts for your girlfriends…(and the guys too)…and the hats are always fun.  It seems that bartering is the way of life there, and they know it! I think they love the “bartering game” and so they start a with a higher dollar amount. So, have fun  bartering!

And, of course, the wonderful beach is right at your fingertips. You can set up catamaran trips to the surrounding islands.  Deer Island and Stone Island are fun to go kayaking on. Other things to do are deep sea fishing, jet skiing, para-sailing etc. through your hotel, or go to the marina. Its easy to find what you are looking for. Going to Mexico for your family vacation is easy and fun for everyone.

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