Mazatlan is Safe and Exciting!

The US Press has beaten Mexico up for no good reason, except to keep tourist dollars from flowing out of America and into Mexico. You can come to Mazatlan Mexico for Vacation and be safer then, most cities in the US and Canada.

Mazatlan Restaurants

Come enjoy the wonderful food in Mazatlan. There are restaurants of every type in the Golden Zone, where the tourists hand out. If you want more authentic Mexican cuisine at half the tourist price, venture into town and hit one of the local places that is family run. Drink the water, it comes from the Ciel bottles!

Mazatlan Hotels

Everyone needs a place to stay, and Mazatlan has hotels, motels, cabanas and villas of all sizes and price ranges for your use while visiting he city. If you plan to stay for an extended period of time, consider a Mazatlan Rental.

Travel to Mazatlan

Although it is a little airport, the place is International in stature, which means several non-stop flights from US and Canada every day. Not need to fly through Mexico City to get to Mazatlan. Just come straight here on Frontier, US Airways, Continental, United and Aero Mexico.

Entertainment and Mazatlan Activites

Once you get here, there is plenty to do. On the beach, in the water, on the streets, you name it! The beaches front into the Sea of Cortex, so the surf is mild, letting you take you kids out with you.

Although everyone warns about the dangers, para sailing is one of the most fun things to do in Mazatlan, as once you get up there, there is so much to see.

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3 Responses to Mazatlan is Safe and Exciting!

  1. Mike Larsen says:

    In January of 2011 44 people were murdered in Mazatlan. I was staying at the Playa Mazatlan and early in the AM a body was dumped in front of La Gala Hotel, across from the Playa, and the hotel was shot up with machine guns. The hotel and the restaurant were boarded up the next day. In February two people were shot and killed the front entrance parking lot of Las Flores Hotel which is in the heart of the Golden Zone. A family from BC witnessed the shooting and left for home the next day.
    I have been to Mazatlan 23 times and I love it, however, there are killings all the time…Last year one block outside the Golden Zone in front of the Hotel San Deigo the police chief for the state of Sinaloa was murdered in his SUV at Noon in front of many people. I don’t know if I am going back again…it has scared alot of people.

    • Owen says:

      Thanks for your comments – I made sure to post it here so folks know that we are an open site.

      I too have been going to Mazatlan for almost 20 years, and I now live in Mexico full time. I was there a couple weeks ago and was saddened to see all the small businesses that are failing since the cruise ships and tourist are in too much fear to travel.

      But it really about the money! The US Press is beating up Mexico so that the $9B in tourist dollars are kept inside the USA.

      When I lived in Colorado, 8 people were gunned down less than 3 blocks from my house, at a Chuckie Cheese we went into all the time. Would I call Colorado a safe place to visit? Absolutely. In fact, in the time I lived in that house (almost 12 years) over 40 people were killed within 2 miles of my house. Wee lived within two miles of a large mall and a major highway.

      It is all about perspective. The US media reports on ALL KILLINGS and violence in Mexico, yet rarely talks about the huge number of murders, rapes and other crimes going on in big cities and small towns across America.

      If you do the math, you will find that Mexico (with the exception of border towns) is MUCH SAFER then almost anywhere in Canada or America.

  2. Mike Larsen says:

    Thanks for posting my email Owen…also last year there were 10-15 people killed who were partying underneath the disco that is on stilts on the Malecon. I think this year I may go someplace else…..drug shootout of the magnitude that happens in Maz does not happen in Canada on a regular basis…there is always the exception as you referred to that happened in Colorado. If I do go back I will be staying at Estrella de Mar. I don’t think anything happens there and this might put my wife at ease. She keeps envisioning drug cartel gunmen coming in my sea and robbing everyone at the resort. There is only on highway into Estrella and a roadblock by gunmen would be an easy task.

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