Cancun Spring Break

When I think of spring break, I think of travel to a warm destination, preferably with a beach, lots of sun, fun, food, and drink. Are you with me? Spring break usually occurs in the third or fourth week of March, and many of us, whether students or not, are ready for a break from our daily routines, and in some areas of the country, from the cold and snow. Why not a Cancun spring break? After all, it is one of, if not the most popular spring break destination for Americans. Itís close, affordable, warm, and fun, and it is surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, could it get any better?

Cancun is definitely a tropical paradise surrounded in ancient Mayan culture, where the days are warm and bright, and the nights cool and airy. Fine cuisine and entertainment abounds in Cancun, hosting some of the most famous clubs in the world, such as Senor Frogís. Cancun Mexico is located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula with an abundance of white sandy beaches and warm beautiful blue ocean. A passport or birth certificate and photo identification are required to enter the country and all travelers must pass through customs when entering and leaving. Most of the service personnel are bilingual, so there is not an urgent requirement to become fluent in Spanish, though it does help. Dollars are accepted, as well as credit cards, and there are currency exchange locations throughout Cancun also, but keep in mind that rates may vary slightly from place to place. The mode of transportation most often used is bus and taxi, which are both very reasonable, and of course, you can always rent a car, though this is not usually required to go on even a long excursion.

Since spring break is a very popular time of the year to travel, and you can spend as much or as little as youíd like. Many online travel sites feature discount vacation specials well below regular prices so that your Cancun spring break wonít break your bank account. There is quite a large selection of hotels in different areas with various amenities as well. There is the Cancun party zone that caters more to singles and the younger crowd, reasonably priced hotels that offer family accommodations and activities, and more upscale lodging for those who want to vacation in tropical luxury. There is no doubt that you can plan your Cancun spring break just as you like, and within your budget. There are endless sight seeing opportunities also that are close by or within less than a dayís travel round trip, and can be booked as part of your Cancun spring break package or not, itís up to you. If you have never been to Cancun, spring break is the time to see it at its liveliest; it is one of the most popular spring break destinations ever!

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