All Inclusive Vacation Fun in Mexico

Cat Morgan here to say “Wow”! What a great time we had on our travel vacation in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Puerto Morelos is just South of Cancun We decided to try an all inclusive trip this time, and it was well worth it! It was great to be able to eat and drink all we wanted, and not have to worry about tipping or having to carry around cash. (All inclusive vacation packages are really great if you have kids too.)

The reef off of the coast of Puerto Morelos is the second largest reef in the world, and is absolutely beautiful! It was so amazing to be able to snorkel and see so much life! Huge sea fans, conch shells with creatures inside, starfish and so many different colored fish. The snorkeling is done in a life vest, so it is great for everyone! Float and discover the beauty of ocean life.

The reef is protected by the mexican government to keep it from being destroyed by over hunting and scuba divers touching everything.

We also had a great time sailing on a catamaran, and we didn’t need much wind. One of the life guards took us out. It was very safe, and he was quite competent. The water was so clear and you could easily see the marine life below.
Another fun experience that we had was sea kayaking.They had kayaks for one or two persons. We decided to go out on one together. It was great fun. Owen was able to paddle and I hug over the front with my face mask and snorkel on and got a great view of all the wildlife. What a guy!!
And, it was nice that the activities were included in the inclusive vacation package deal.

There are lots of ways to get around, there are many tours to sign up for. We decided to rent a car this time because we wanted to check out different places. One of the places was Tulum.

Tulum was really awesome! It is off by itself, and right on the beach. The Mayan ruins are down the way about 15 minutes. Its a small stretch with everything from 5 star accommodations to non-electric huts (they call them green living) and camping. It is away from all of the hustle and high-rises.
We really liked the energy there.

But, for us, the reason for going on a great mexico vacation is to lay out on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the beautiful blue-green oceans.
Decompressing and relaxing. That’s what it’s all about. Laying out on the beach loungers and beds, being brought drinks and food at your whim, and watching the amazing sunrises.

The prices can vary. There are lots of really cheap last minute deals if you can do that. But lets face it, having a great mexico vacation on the beach is PRICLESS!
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