Whale Watching off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

A Mexico vacation is considered as the top tourist destination in Latin America and currently the tenth place in the world. Areas such as the Riviera Nayarit are teeming with historical sites, rich culture, and exciting attractions that many people, even the locals, have come to enjoy and love. Although this country is renowned for its iconic monuments and dazzling white beaches, there is one thing that you must try especially when you happen to visit this colorful nation between the months of January and March. It is called whale watching.

Whale watching has become a celebrated tourist activity especially in the Mexico Pacific where these big cetacean mammals usually show themselves off shore, proudly spouting water from the blowhole above their heads while flapping their huge tails against the sea surface. Not too many people are fortunate enough to see real live whales in person and witnessing this kind of whale action can certainly lead you breathless and in awe.

Whale watching season usually starts on November and ends at the last week of March. However, January and February are the best months for you to get a glimpse of these species (particularly humpbacks and gray whales) in Banderas Bay and Matanchen Bay. If you want to have a more memorable experience by closely interacting with these gentle giants, then you might want to try whale watching in Jaltemba Bay. In here you will find shallow waters where gray mother whales take care of their calves. You can touch and see them eye-to-eye, thus giving you an amazing experience that you will never forget.

There are daily whale watching tours and overnight excursions that are readily available for you to choose from during these months. These tourist companies will not give you a guarantee for whale sightings, but you will have better chances (usually nine out of ten tours) when you visit the Mexico Pacific at the end of January to early March.

There are some reminders that you need to watch out for as soon as you have decided to try whale watching at the sunny beaches of Mexico. There are several types of whale watching tours that is suitable to all kinds of tourists. If you are doing this with your kids, you need to choose a day tour where you would spend less time in the water and more time on the ground. If you are a whale specialist, then interacting with the whales will be more suitable for you so you might want to select the kind of tour that enables you to get near them.

Book a trip to Sayulita and take a Sayulita Whale Watching Tour in Banderas Bay.



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Sailing in Banderas Bay

If you travel to Mexico on vacation and ever get to Puerto Vallarta, or the Riviera Nayarit, you should consider a sailing cruise of Bahia de Banderas, or Banderas Bay as it is called by us gringos.

The gang and I went out on the Sayula I, an older catamaran that is actually a working sailboat.  There are many other cruise boats that are nothing more then party boats, some do not even have sails, but choose to motor around on an outboard all day.  I was looking for an authoentic sailing cruise, where I might get to stear the boat, pull the sheet, or hoist hte sails.

The idea was to go out early evening for a sunset cruise, but the weather decided to send us a squall as we got out into the bay. I was navigating he boat and going all over he place trying to keep the wind in the sail (like my dad taught me many years ago), but the wind kept shifting and the ride was exciting to say the least.

Since the clouds were out and the weather a bit stormy, we decided to head over to one of the many secluded beaches only accessible by boat, and take in a bit of volleyball and whatever.

While swimming onthe beach, it started to rain, and the cooler water falling from the sky was in contrast to the bath-warm ocean waters  in Banderas Bay.

Alas, we decided to motor back into the marina, since the winds had dies down and the clouds blocked the sun, but just as we were headed back into port, the clouds departed and the red sun shone magnificantly over the Sierra Madres.

Consider a Mexico vacation, and think about visiting the Riviera Nayarit for an Eco-friendly trip.

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Riviera Nayarit Newest Mexico Vacation Destination

When most people think of a Mexico Vacation, they are thinking of big resort towns and what they are famous for, like Mazatlan and Shrimp, Cancun and Spring Break, Puerto Vallarta and Family Vacations, or Cozumel and SCUBA diving.

But once you have been there, done that, what is next?

Enter the new wave of Mexico vacation: eco-tourism. Mexico realizes that a parge part of the allure in coming here is  to enjoy the pristine beaches, jungle and mountains. In order for that to last, MExico has taken a total ecological view of the land and its uses.

Out of this grand scheme came the Riviera Nayarit, which is the Pacific coastline region of the state of Nayarit, just north of the state of Jalisco, where one finds Puerto Vallarta.

Here are some of the towns you will find along the Riviera Nayarit, in no particular order:

Punta de Mita – Sports Fishing Delight

Cat waving from Punta Mita lighthouse

Punta Mita, along the coast from Punta de Mita can be accessed via car from either Bucerias or Sayulita. It is out onthe end of a peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta, past the Bahia Banderas Bay. See Punta Mita pictures here.

Sayulita – Mexico Surfing

Sayulita is a little hippie town full of gringos and Canadians most of the year, and is located about 40 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport. World renowned for its surf, the beach at Sayulita drops off quick and makes for a great place to learn to ride a board, or to show your skills off during high surf. See Sayulita picture here.

San Pancho – Cultural Center

San Pancho Sunset

Going north from Sayulita you will find San Francisco, or San Pancho as the locals call it. This is has been deemed the cultural center of the Riviera Nayarit, and the place is full of Americans and Canadians who do not fit into the Sayulita hippie culture. Older crowd, more reserved, and well, more to do probably too. See San Pancho pictures here.

Lo de Marcos – Quiet Fishing Village

Next up the coast going north on Hwy 200 is Lo De Marcos, a quaint fishing village that got missed by Google and the mapping companies. Home to a large number of RV parks, I understand this is mostly Candian in the winter, swelling form the town of 700 to over 3000 during peak winter snowbird season. Our favorite RV park there is La Parota RV Park. See Lo De Marcos pictures here.

Bahia Jaltemba Bay

Rincon de Guayabitos, La Penita, Los Ayala

This area up the coast is truly a mix of gringo money (in Guayabitos) and old world Mexico (in La Penita). There is the Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay that meets on Wednesday breakfast at Pina Coladas.

La Chacala – Hidden Mexico

Chacala Wall Mural

Chacala is at  the end of what used to be a dirt road, so there is nobody there but those looking to be. It is a lovely place though. See Chacala pictures here.

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Puerto Vallarta Forum Forums Review – Why the PV Scene Sucks

Are you thinking about moving or visiting Puerto Vallarta? Maybe you have Googled the terms: Puerto Vallarta Forum or Puerto Vallarta Forums, and are disappointed in what comes up?

Who Owns the Mexico Forums?

Does the person running the forums disclose who they are, and where their affiliations lie? There are many many Internet hucksters down here selling ad space for outrageous amounts of money to people too uninformed to know any better. How do you steer clear of them?  I have found many “stand alone” forums under different domains names then the master domain where all the revenue is generated.

This means the forums LOOK to be unbiased, but in fact all they are is farms built by rip off artists who want lots of people to post lots of useful stuff so they rank better in Google. Did they pay for that content? nope – pure free stuff. Did they disclose that the content helps them in their primary business – doubtful, else why would they have separate domain names and everything to keep them separate?

Good Puerto Vallarta Forums

Of course, top on the list for almost any travel search these days is Trip Advisor, which has a huge following and is a great place to get recommendations from others, but the forum is more of a place to post your comments, not have interactive dialog.

Puerto Vallarta Forums Examples

Should you go posting in a PV forum wanting some help, or guidance, this is what you can expect from the PV Scene forums.

I was looking to hire some blog writers for an upcoming Mexico project. So I posted:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Offense
just a quick post to see if there was any interest. This is what forums are for, right?

Well, I get blasted first by one Admin who insisted I must be wanting to rip off all their wonderful content (no, I was sking for someone to write new content):

Puerto Vallarta Forums BashingOf course, after 6 pages of bashing me, this same admin comes back and says maybe she is the writer I am looking for. Sorry honey, you missed the boat!

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Wants Back InMeanwhile, I was fried by some snipey members, with nothing of value to add, only to hurt:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Hurtful WordsTelling me about their judgements, and how I was a con artist:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Con ArtistEven the Admin is telling us they don’t like me, without knowing who I am. At least they tell us what they REALLY THINK of their Trip Advisor Forum as a competitor

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Opinion

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Admin Opinion

Clearly, this forum is owned by someone who is threatened by someone else building a competitive site, or offering to pay their members a fair energy exchange for the value they add to the community.

Unfortunately for them, they have released the copyright to all their wonderful stuff in the forum, so feel free to use it and repurpose it as you see fit! Here is the admin stating (incorrectly) that the Internet has no copyright, and then releasing the copyright to this site (thank you very much!).

Puerto Vallarta Forums - Copyright Release

Here was a newbie to the forums opionion:

Puerto Vallarta Forums - TruthLet me know what you think about this debacle, post your comments below please:

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Springtime Mazatlan Vacation

We just got back from a wonderful springtime Mazatlan vacation.

Most folks visit Mexico in the winter months, which usually range from November to Easter (April).  Really, Mexico is a great vacation destination just about all year round! However, after Easter, it quiets down quite a bit, and you do not see many foreigners on the beaches. I think that’s just crazy! And, let me tell you why.

Springtime in Mexico it great. I think is great because it is just starting to get a little bit warmer, and that means, so is the ocean! I really love to swim out in the waves, and its a lot more fun when the water temperatures are warm enough to be comfortable in, and still cool you down from the beach. Its also not as chilly in the evenings. You don’t need a jacket for an evening stroll on the beach after a good Mexican meal.
Another great thing about springtime in Mexico are the flowers. There are so many amazing bright beautiful and tropical looking flowers in Mexico. It is color everywhere you turn, and makes all of your senses come alive.
One more really wonderful thing about springtime in Mexico is that the hotel and condo rates are really discounted, which makes a 5 star vacation really affordable. Anything after Easter is considered the “off season”.

We stayed in Mazatlan, in a condo style set-up in one of the towers right on the beach…the 26th floor to be exact. All of the outside walls were windows. It was really incredible! The views of Mazatlan’s city lights and beaches in one direction, and the beaches and the sunset in the other. In the evenings you could see the other hotels doing their fireworks. We were up so high that we were looking down upon them. What fun, and it was also very romantic!

Walking downtown for the super cheap really delicious tacos of all kinds is a tradition for us, washing it down with a beer, and shopping along the way for fun clothes, rugs and other stuff.  Its fun to bargain with the locals.

Like I stated earlier, a Mexico vacation is great just about all year, but if its cold and rainy at your house in the spring, you may want to consider an in-expensive  Mazatlan Mexico vacation! And, practically have the place to yourself! We did!

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Mazatlan is Safe and Exciting!

The US Press has beaten Mexico up for no good reason, except to keep tourist dollars from flowing out of America and into Mexico. You can come to Mazatlan Mexico for Vacation and be safer then, most cities in the US and Canada.

Mazatlan Restaurants

Come enjoy the wonderful food in Mazatlan. There are restaurants of every type in the Golden Zone, where the tourists hand out. If you want more authentic Mexican cuisine at half the tourist price, venture into town and hit one of the local places that is family run. Drink the water, it comes from the Ciel bottles!

Mazatlan Hotels

Everyone needs a place to stay, and Mazatlan has hotels, motels, cabanas and villas of all sizes and price ranges for your use while visiting he city. If you plan to stay for an extended period of time, consider a Mazatlan Rental.

Travel to Mazatlan

Although it is a little airport, the place is International in stature, which means several non-stop flights from US and Canada every day. Not need to fly through Mexico City to get to Mazatlan. Just come straight here on Frontier, US Airways, Continental, United and Aero Mexico.

Entertainment and Mazatlan Activites

Once you get here, there is plenty to do. On the beach, in the water, on the streets, you name it! The beaches front into the Sea of Cortex, so the surf is mild, letting you take you kids out with you.

Although everyone warns about the dangers, para sailing is one of the most fun things to do in Mazatlan, as once you get up there, there is so much to see.

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San Pancho Mexico Endures 100 Year Flood

The cultural center of the Riviera Nayarit is San Francisco Mexico, also known affectionately by the locals as San Pancho.

La Parota Tree Roots After 100 Year Flood

The summer rains of 2010 brought flood levels to their 100 year mark, fording a new channel to the ocean and causing a fork at the rivers mouth, creating a large new estuary.

A year later, we see the remnants of the flood as we enter the beach from the town square, where roots of a large Parota Tree are all that is left of the damage caused by the flooding.

The town has a new bridge, since the old one got washed out, and a new main street that is concrete, instead of the more often used cobblestones that beat your vehicle to death.

So, if you want to come on Vacation to Mexico and are looking to so something different, consider visiting San Francisco (aka San Pancho) just an hour north of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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Sayulita Mexico Vacation

Would you like to go an a great Mexico vacation?

About 45 minutes north of the Puerta Vallarta airport in Nayarit, Mexico, you will find a small town called Sayulita.
When you drive into Sayulita, you might as well park and walk around. Sayulita is large enough to stay at without getting bored, yet small enough to walk everywhere you need to go.

Sayulita has a lovely cultural blend, offering a wide variety of shops and great restaurants and coffee houses, as well as amazing beaches and jungle adventures. The night life here in Sayulita has a lot to offer as well, with a variety of music in the bars and on the streets. This town carries a creative and quite artistic feeling that leaves you smiling and feeling good inside.
As you walk on the cobblestone streets, it has that old time Mexico flavor to it that you just do not get at the bigger vacation resorts. The reason for this is because the people that live here are continuing to live that way. There are lots of art shops with amazing artists showing of their own personal work. There are also many vendors showing off their wares in carts on the street. And, of course, everything is negotiable.
Sayulita is becoming a more popular destination with tourists in America and Canada that are seeking a beautiful beach and night life vacation that still has an authentic Mexican feel.

Sayulita also has RV parks, camping, condos and hotels that will suit your needs.
One of my favorite things to check out in Sayulita is the tide pools at low time. There are so many amazing creatures there to discover!

Come visit Sayulita on your next Mexico vacation, and you will have one of the best vacations you have ever had!

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Bad Economy Good time To Visit Cancun Mexico

Beaches of Cancun Mexico

Times are tough, and you need to make your vacation dollar go farther. If you decide to Travel to Mexico on vacation, consider Cancun Mexico as one of your alternatives for fun and beach.

In Cancun spring break is not the insane party it once was, but the nightlife can be wild as you want. The dance clubs in the hotel zone have catered to the college set for years, and for six weeks each spring they are packed to the rafters every night.

Down the Riviera Maya south of Cancun there are all sorts of resort towns with incredible hotels and restaurants, but if you continue on you can see some real history. This area has tons of archaeological sites and guides that can take you. Chichen-Itza is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen on a Cancun vacation. The Mayan ruins are on an enormous scale but cut right out of the jungle.

Enjoy a Vacation in Mexico today!

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Landing the Panga Boat on Beach in Lo De Marcos Mexico

Here is a video I shot this morning after hearing all the ruckus on the beach.

They drive their boats right up onto the beach after going out and setting their lines. They go back out around lunch and come back with a boat full of fish.

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